Spirit Ironworks

Spirit Ironworks, Inc. is a local Long Island based company that is committed to upholding the highest standards in ornamental and architectural metal work.

Originally the company was started in 2001 as a partnership between siblings Timothy and Rachel Miller. Both have a passion for the art of metalwork and blacksmithing. Timothy started his career with a degree in metalsmithing and Rachel has a degree in fine arts. Over years the company has grown to include a team of skilled artisans.

We are family owned and operated with over 25 years of combined experience in the craft of hand forged metal work. We have the capacity and the experience to execute a wide variety of projects including interior and exterior railings, gates, fencing, furniture, hardware and historical restoration.

We are active members of National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association, Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America and The Patchogue Arts Council. 

Spirit Ironworks is one of the few shops in the New York area that have the ability to create hand forged scrollwork, repousse and decorative elements in house. This ensures complete control over the quality of your product from start to finish.  Whether the spirit of your project is modern or traditional in design, we embrace both contemporary and classical techniques based on its appropriateness to each and every project. 

Our expertise extends to working with steel, historic wrought iron, stainless steel, bronze, copper and aluminum.  We offer a large selection of custom finishes and patinas.  

Whether your project is hundreds of feet of custom estate fencing or a simple fire screen, Spirit Ironworks will satisfy all of your metalworking needs. We also offer an in house designer capable of taking a project from conception to completion.